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Human vibrations, octaves staining bones.
salvia painting
Warm zoysia grass, nimble lies tickling spines.
Divested frequencies flutter past their prime.
Sociable design, sky freezing brights.
Star-stung. A deer caught by no night.

When idle, dry wishes netted by pain
experience numb, kinesthetic fame
my spirit will be haunted
by my body's meager glow,
slender smiles, and half-seduced goals.

While passion knows where to play it's game,
your feelings may not proclaim the same.
Sleep on your head, divide your whole.
Timbre suited for a textured soul.
The sum of the means I've collected in dreams
is radiant beyond beauty, beyond cosmos, beyond themes.
It's only the reaches that greet us, that greed lusts, that feed us.
It's only that reaches perspective is conscious and breached.

Human connection only occurs after a long night of projecting.
Endurance factors large over my cache of collected Starlight.
The Starlight of season-stunting eyes, unquestionably.


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