salvia painting
Why is the crucifix, an instrument of torture, revered so thoroughly?
Sympathy would sooner sway my tears because devoted awe dissuades me.
An eidolon in Jerusalem with a ruptured rapture - haunting.

convoluted heat
salvia painting
Picture a fixture wholehearted, lofted, warm.
Now picture that fixture tethered and torn.
What family did live there, did love there, who cared?
What one sent the prayer that left the sun bare?

It's only the reaches of our conscious perspective that I wish to breach.

Human vibrations, octaves staining bones.
salvia painting
Warm zoysia grass, nimble lies tickling spines.
Divested frequencies flutter past their prime.
Sociable design, sky freezing brights.
Star-stung. A deer caught by no night.

When idle, dry wishes netted by pain
experience numb, kinesthetic fame
my spirit will be haunted
by my body's meager glow,
slender smiles, and half-seduced goals.

While passion knows where to play it's game,
your feelings may not proclaim the same.
Sleep on your head, divide your whole.
Timbre suited for a textured soul.
The sum of the means I've collected in dreams
is radiant beyond beauty, beyond cosmos, beyond themes.
It's only the reaches that greet us, that greed lusts, that feed us.
It's only that reaches perspective is conscious and breached.

Human connection only occurs after a long night of projecting.
Endurance factors large over my cache of collected Starlight.
The Starlight of season-stunting eyes, unquestionably.

definite definitions
salvia painting
Schoo​l shoul​dn'​t defin​e succe​ss!​ I want to play music​ all day, ride bikes​,​ read books​,​ hop train​s and take class​es that compl​iment​ my capab​iliti​es and motivate my appre​ciati​on!​

Thoughtless Race
salvia painting
The time had distilled in our hearts and I was left frozen. Idly, in my state of elated shock, I lay on the mattress, with a head propped upon mine. We could have been the grotesque statue-child of some sadistic egos counterfeit faith. Calls from subtle urges became the force that brought my hand to lay its rest on the hair from her head. And it was black. Beyond the doubt of my existence and next to the truth that I knew I was, was the certainty that I knew it was. To my embarrassment and self-questioning surprise I kissed your cornea. The scene was suited for candle burning souls. Godsend our love wasn't fit for it. These words are a map of my heart.

Untraceable Grace
salvia painting
Your transcendual existence is vibrant even when I am not dreaming of you. For I am thinking of you in my dreams. Mulling you over, admiring your architecture like I would a fine sculpture and kissing the possibilities as I would a shadow. In our world balance is an abstract ideal, abstract but unsought. Our: the nonexistence that an infrequently appearing hole in my chest and an equally sporadic pressure in my brain vie to realize. In the unlimited space of my dreams with muted mutual agreement we awkwardly rested upon one another, creating the support necessary to keep us together. But after a sought after new position solidified you coagulated into a more conceivable, convincible partner for our acts of impossibility in the real world.

embracing the intangible
salvia painting
I've decided I would like a tattoo...somewhere on my left leg.
Possibly in June.
I wish to design my own tattoo. I fear I haven't the artistic capabilities, however.
I feel as though my beliefs would be difficult to convey in visual imagery.
Probably not, I just can't think right now.
Ooooo I want beauty represented on my skin.
I have a disconcerting need for wholeness in my bones that this desperate pile of dirt couldn't fill.

dripping venom smiles
salvia painting
If your thoughts and feelings influence the world, then they are making me sick to the stomach and rising up the chest. It's so strange observing people. I'm a directionless target, won't you take a shot?

Yeah, lj is where I get lame.

romanticized slideshow
salvia painting
I just set myself to fall flat backed down. Little red won't know shit cuz I'm numb in the gun.

makeup control
salvia painting
I have realized that I am not subtle.


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